Knowing The Commitment You Require

Goals AnalysisWhen you select TLG Media Sales, you will immediately notice that we do not bear the vaguest resemblance to the "order takers" in the media business. Our goal is to help advertisers move more product, and to help publishers grow their brand. Thus, we are marketers as well as sales professionals.

To this end, we demand our staff become experts in the markets we serve.

There are a number of ways we accomplish this. We begin each new publisher relationship with a sales meeting that includes everyone involved in the publications. We complete a full-scale analysis of the competition, including marketshare data, which we track monthly. We then set individual territorial goals for each issue.

We keep our World headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama, for a reason that works for you as well as it does for us. Our staff has access to every major U.S. city by 12 noon. Most important, the Principals of TLG Media Sales are available to lend our considerable experience to our own staff in a coherent and productive environment.

Take a moment to get to know us. After all, once you begin working with TLG Media Sales, you'll be seeing a lot of us -- at your advertiser trade shows, sales meetings, and countless industry functions.